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How can you be sure this book is good? I was able to get my friends to say nice things about it:

“Beneath the humor is a wonderfully poignant exploration of the role of manliness for the twenty-first-century urban guy. It’s also a Father’s Day love letter disguised as a set of adventure tales. It made me laugh, and think, a lot.”
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Steve Jobs

 “I am the father only of daughters, and so didn’t suffer any existential midlife panic about discovering and demonstrating my latent manliness. But I am happy Joel did, because his infant son inspired him to report and write this rare and splendid thing: an open-minded, open-hearted, bracingly honest, laugh-out- loud-funny memoir.”
New York Times bestselling author of Heyday

"If Joel Stein can learn to be a man in the old and rugged sense of the word, then anyone can. And that's what gives me hope. What gave me profound and dizzy pleasure, though, was reading this wild account of how he did it."
New York Times bestselling author of Up In The Air

"Joel Stein’s book will make you act in a very unmanly way—you will spend hours giggling like a 5th grade girl."
New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically

"Joel Stein is one of the funniest writers I've read.  An incredible, hilarious saga of one man’s transformation from really wimpy to just kind of wimpy.”
New York Times bestselling author of The Game

“Despite his best efforts, I’m not sure if Joel Stein will ever be a man, but he made me laugh out loud trying in MAN MADE.”
New York Times bestselling author and humorist

"This entertaining and irreverent memoir will make you laugh out loud, teach you a surprising amount about various bastions of American masculinity, and leave you feeling glad that you're not married to Joel Stein."
New York Times bestselling author of Prep

“I have seen Joel try to chew tobacco in an attempt to prove that estrogen does not imprison his body. Bashfully wiping spilled tobacco off his J. Crew slacks did not help his cause. The fact that he laughed, though, did. He caught himself trying to be manly and laughed. That is a true man.”
Actor and comedian


Also, all the reviews are all positive

Yes, I think this is strange too. Sure, one was written by me in Time magazine. But the others are written by people who are totally not me. The book is particularly beloved by Canadian newspapers:

The New York Times

The San Francisco Chronicle

Toronto's Globe and Mail

The Ottawa Citizen

Winnipeg Free Press

Sacramento News & Review

Publisher's Weekly



American Way

This woman, who wrote one of the Amazon reviews of the book, however, only only gave it one star. Though her review does start, "No, I haven't read the book..."