At your local bookstore … if there still are bookstores

Listen to my voice read you part of my book!


Take Part Live

You didn't think I'd still be on TV talking about my book 18 months later. Neither did I. I bet you also didn't know there was a show called Take Part Live. Or a network called Pivot. From what I understand, it's a network that covers things that are 18 months old.


My 3rd appearance on Craig Ferguson

Apparently, he doesn't know I'm not famous.


Google Talk

Google is exactly like a college. They have little clubs, like The Speaker Series, with a president and flyers and T-shirts about the club. I spoke in the auditorium in thei L.A. office and everyone who came got a free copy of my book after eating the free Google lunch. My next book will be called Hire Me Google.

Warning: This is 45 minutes long and I didn't really prepare. Also, it's 45 minutes long.



Those Idiots Let Me Do A TedX Talk

I taught the audience nothing about the world. Which made them so sad about their lost eight minutes.


I Talk to Craig Ferguson.... Again

I've been on twice now. If I'm on 246 more times, I will be Craig's Teri Garr.